IFF Spring School 2018

Physics of Life

February 26th - March 9th 2018, Germany

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Payment and Cancellation Policy
When you have completed your registration, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement by email, so please make sure that your email address is entered correctly.
All further instructions regarding your registration and payment will follow shortly afterwards, as soon as your application has been processed.
The full fee amounts to €380. If you wish to attend WITHOUT booking accommodation, the registration fee is €50.

Cancellations must be received in writing using the Spring School email address springschool@fz-juelich.de on or before 26 January 2018, otherwise a cancellation fee of €50 will be charged.

For employees of Forschungszentrum Jülich, registration is free of charge! Please use your Forschungszentrum email address when registering. If you would like to just attend some of the lectures or if you would only like to receive a hardcopy of the printed lecture notes, you do not have to register; just send a short email message to springschool@fz-juelich.de. If, however, you wish to attend more than 50 % of the lectures, you are very welcome to register with us in order to guarantee your seat in the lecture hall.  

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The full fee of 380 Euro includes the registration fee, 12 overnight stays from 25.02. – 09.03.2018 in a four-bed room including bed-linen, breakfast, dinner and lunch on 03.03 - 04.03.2018. Please note that the organizers will make a firm booking at the youth hostel based on the information you give below. Please make sure you enter the day of your arrival and departure as well as the room category correctly. If after registering you change your plans, please inform us immediately!
Extra fee/nights

Please note: the following approximate extra charges will apply if you decide to stay additional nights or in a double/single room (subject to availability). All extra fee(s) are to be paid directly to the hostel on your arrival!

Arrival/DepartureRegular 4-bed room
per night/per person
Upgrade double room
per night/per person
Upgrade single room
per night
23.02.2018 or 24.02.2018
(price incl. breakfast only)
+ € 25,00 *+ € 26,00 *+ € 34,00 *
25.02.2018 – 09.03.2018Included in € 380 fee+ € 10,00 *+ € 26,00 *
10.03.2018 or 11.03.2018
(price incl. breakfast only)
+ € 27,00 *+ € 37,00 *+ € 63,00 *

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Dietary restrictions
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1 - vegetarian, 2 - non-pork, 3 - gluten-free, 4 - lactose-free 

Diet restrictions
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Financial support

Students who have not yet finished their Master’s degree can apply for financial support from the Forschungszentrum Jülich to cover part of the accommodation costs. To qualify, valid proof of student status (for example copy of enrollment certificate or student ID card) as well as a short reference letter from your supervisor must be supplied upon registration. 

Ask for financial support:
Please note: You must upload two files, otherwise the database will refuse your application. In case you would have one file only, please upload the same file two times. 
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Note: Under certain conditions, companies or small businesses may be entitled to a pre-tax deduction. In this case, you must provide us with your "Value added tax identification number" (VAT ID number; German: Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer). This number is an identifier used in many countries for tax purposes. Please fill in this number when you register on this website.
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Invitation letter for visa application
Please note: The letter of invitation will be submitted after having received the payment of your fee.
The postal address given in your registration above will be used.
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Special remarks
Note: We would like to advise you that during the event, photos may be taken that could later be used in public relations material (e.g. in press releases, on our homepage, in reports and as advertising material). We may also allow others (e.g. funding and research organizations) to use the material for similar purposes. By registering for this event, you are giving your explicit consent to the publication of such material.
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