Areas of interest:

Strongly correlated materials:
Doping driven Mott transition in LaSrTiO3
Mott transition in CaSrRuO4
Orbital selective Mott transitions
Two-band Hubbard Model: non-Fermi-liquid behavior
Correlations at surfaces and in heterostructures
Effect of correlations on Fermi surface of Na_xCoO_2
Cluster extension of dynamical mean field theory: multi-site vs multi-band correlations


Dynamical mean field theory
Quantum Monte Carlo method
Exact diagonalization
Iterated perturbation theory

Pump - probe femtosecond Spectroscopy
Magnetization dynamics detectable via MOKE ?

Electronic excitations at metal surfaces

Time-dependent density functional theory
Lifetime of hot electrons: GW approach
Surface plasmons
Electronic excitations in adsorbed metal layers
Second Harmonic Generation
Sum Frequency Generation
Electronic friction at metal surfaces
Influence of semi-bound d electrons on dynamical surface response