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Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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    ``Electronic Structure of B2-NiTi and -PdTi''
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    ``Electronic structure of the martensitic phases B19'-NiTi and B19-PdTi''
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    ``Electronic structure of buried α-FeSi2 and β-FeSi2 layers: Soft-x-ray-emission and -absorption studies compared to band-structure calculations''
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    ``Martensitic phase transformations and electronic structure of NiTi and PdTi''
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    ``Electronic structure of the Nowotny chimney-ladder silicide Ru2Si3''
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    ``Structure, growth and magnetism of Mn on Cu(110)''
  8. G. Bihlmayer, R. Eibler and R. Podloucky,
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    ``Ab initio study of the CO adsorption on NiAl (110) and Pt (100)''
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    ``Activated non-dissociative adsorption on a compound surface: CO on NiAl (110)''
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    ``First-principles investigation of the stability of 3d monolayer/Fe(001) against bilayer formation''
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    ``One-Dimensional Spin-Polarized Quantum-Wire States in Au on Ni(110)''
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    ``Electronic and magnetic structure of the (001) surfaces of V, Cr, and V/Cr''
  17. Ph. Kurz, G. Bihlmayer, K. Hirai, and S. Blügel,
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    ``Three-Dimensional Spin-Structure on a Two-Dimensional Lattice: Mn/Cu(111)''
  18. S. Clarke, G. Bihlmayer, and S. Blügel,
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    ``Chemical effects in rare gas adsorption: FLAPW calculations for Ag(001) c(2×2)Xe ''
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    Comment on ``Ultathin Mn films on Cu(111) substrates: Frustrated antiferromagnetic order''
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    ``Femtosecond electron dynamics of image-potential states on clean and oxygen-covered Pt(111)''
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    ``Itinerant magnets on a triangular Cu(111) lattice''
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    ``Complex magnetism in ultra-thin films: atomic-scale spin structures and resolution by the spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscope''
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    ``Broken-Bond Rule for the Surface Energies of Noble Metals''
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    ``Structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of a Mn monolayer on W(110)''
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