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Group leader

Dmitry A. Fedosov
Curriculum vitae
Webpage at ICS-2
Dmitry Fedosov's research interests range from fundamental problems to applications in biophysics, soft matter, and computational science. We pursue several directions in the area of microcirculatory blood flow in health and disease. We investigate the flow behavior and rheology of suspensions of polymers, soft particles, and microswimmers. In addition, we are interested in numerical methods and models applied to inherently multiscale problems.
Email: d.fedosov[at]


Davod Alizadehrad
Webpage at ICS-2
Davod Alizadehrad investigates blood flow in microvasculature. In particular, Davod studies the influence of vessel irregularities, glycocalyx layer, and various vessel bifurcations and junctions on the flow of blood in microcirculation.
Email: d.alizadehrad[at]
Johannes Mauer
Webpage at ICS-2
Johannes Mauer's research is focused on the behavior and deformation of soft particles and cells in flow. Johannes also studies light-scattering properties of red blood cells in equilibrium and in flow.
Email: j.mauer[at]
Zunmin Zhang
Webpage at ICS-2
Zunmin Zhang participates in the European FP7 program: LAPASO - Label Free Particle Sorting and is co-supervised by Gerhard Gompper. Zunmin's research is focused on modeling the flow behavior of microswimmers and soft particles in microfluidics with an interest in their sorting and detection.
Email: zu.zhang[at]

PhD students

Fatemeh Alidadi
Webpage at ICS-2
Fatemeh Alidadi investigates the behavior of thermophoretic swimmers in a fluid. In particular, Fatemeh studies the motion of Janus colloids in critical mixtures and their interactions in concentrated suspensions.
Email: f.alidadi.soleymani[at]
Ewan Henry
Webpage at ICS-2
Ewan Henry takes part in the European FP7 program: LAPASO - Label Free Particle Sorting and is co-advised by Gerhard Gompper. Ewan's research is focused on the investigation of sorting of soft particles in microfluidics based on their size, deformability, viscous properties, and the application of external fields.
Email: e.henry[at]
Masoud Hoore
Webpage at ICS-2
Masoud Hoore takes part in the DFG research unit FOR 1543: SHENC - Shear Flow Regulation of Hemostasis and is co-supervised by Gerhard Gompper. Masoud's research is focused on modeling the behavior of von Willebrand Factor, a key protein in primary hemostasis, in blood flow.
Email: m.hoore[at]
Sebastian Sohn
Webpage at ICS-2
Sebastian's research focus is on modeling cell mechanics, deformation, and adhesion in response to various external fields such as fluid flow. He is developing a comprehensive cell model and testing its capabilities in predicting cell's response to the deformation and interaction with its surroundings.
Email: s.sohn[at]

Past members

  • Dinar Katanov (PhD)
  • Kathrin Müller (PhD)
  • Frank Römer (postdoc)
  • Marina Katava (master's project)
  • Ankush Sengupta (postdoc)