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Curriculum Vitae of T. A. Costi back to homepage
1978-1981 Sussex University:
B. Sc. Mathematical Physics
1981-1985 Oxford University, Dept. Theoretcial Physics:
DPhil in Theoretical Solid State Physics
Supervisor: Prof. Sir R. J. Elliott
1985-1987 Department of Theoretical Physics, Cologne University
Research Assistant
Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations for strongly correlated systems
1987-1988 University of Crete and Research Centre of Crete:
Visiting Assistant Lecturer
1988-1992 Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London:
Research Assistant
1993-2004 Karlsruhe, Augsburg, ILL, Cologne:
Teaching/Research Assistant/Visiting Scientist
since 2005 Peter Grünberg Institut (PGI-2), Forschungszentrum Jülich:
Research Scientist

Research Interests
  • strongly correlated electron systems
  • correlation effects and magnetotransport in nanoscale devices
  • thermoelectric effects in correlated systems
  • dynamical mean field theory (DMFT)
  • non-perturbative approaches to correlated electron systems
  • the interface between ab-initio and model Hamiltonian approaches
  • multi-band Hubbard models, orbital selective Mott transitions
  • heavy fermions
  • quantum impurity models
  • modeling Kondo atoms on surfaces using KKR and model Hamiltonians
  • quantum dissipation, entanglement, dephasing
  • Numerical renormalization group for:
    • thermodynamics and dynamics of quantum impurities
    • non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum impurities
    • application to lattice models within DMFT
  • Determinant QMC for:
    • Hubbard and Anderson Lattice models
    • Quantum impurity models
  • Inhomogeneous dynamical mean-field theory for:
    • heterostructures composed of band and Mott insulators
    • cold atoms in a confining trap



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